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Meet The Chef


Chef William Pfeiffer:

Chef William Pfeiffer’s love of food began when he was only 12 years old. He was an energetic child whose attention was captured by the smell of his grandmother’s freshly fried meatballs on Sunday mornings.  He grew up in a small German Italian household where the art of cooking was a labor of love that was able to bring his family together. As William’s experience in the kitchen further developed, he soon learned that creating food was an avenue to communicate love, appreciation, togetherness and even offer healing in times of need. His palate was uniquely curious trying diverse flavors and cuisines at an early age. His mother notes it was hard to ignore his fascination with food. Unlike children his age, he preferred Peking Duck to chicken fingers. His interest in the culinary arts continued to propel forward with each opportunity he was able to gain in the industry. Chef William was offered his first restaurant position at 16 years old. Sadly, his role bussing tables kept him from the kitchen itself. However, every chance he could, he found himself in the fast paced kitchen environment. He surrounded himself with the culinary staff, absorbing all he could learn about his passion - creating food. 


Chef William graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management in 2013. He began his professional career working as a banquet cook at an ocean front hotel in Florida. He was inspired by the local fish and exciting latin flavors belonging to the area he served. Chef William then transitioned back to his home state of New York. He began working as a Sous Chef in Tribeca at a french inspired bistro where he continued to develop his culinary training. He then expanded his experience working in a variety of private clubs where he gained significant exposure to the event industry and catering with an attention to detail. Next, William traveled Europe learning from Michelin Star Chefs in Ireland and England. He was exposed to exciting new ways to create unique dishes with distinctive plating. In 2015, Chef William rejoined the restaurant industry. He was able to exercise his creativity as Executive Chef offering a menu of locally sourced farm to table ingredients. Chef William notes this is when he began to discover his own style of cooking and plating. His most recent culinary adventure has been running a Corporate dining facility where he cooks for high end executives and runs interactive team building cooking classes. Now, Chef William is excited to share his varied experience of the culinary arts with YOU. His passion for food and love of cooking is contagious. 


Diving deeper, Chef William’s signature approach to cooking involves unconventional use of everyday ingredients. His unique style of cooking is known to highlight seasonality and focuses on amplifying naturally occurring flavors. Use of simplicity in cooking can be a vital part of creating a masterpiece. Chef William is eager to teach you about everything from basic kitchen etiquette to the intricacies of balancing flavors. Learning how to identify ways to include the best measure of sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and umami are necessary to achieve the ultimate experience for your palate. He’s ready to share his knowledge and ignite a passion for cooking in anyone who is ready to learn. LETS GET COOKING!

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